La Rambla

La Rambla (or in catalan: Les Rambles is one of the biggest attraction in Barcelona. Thousands of tourists squeeze every day up and down the best known promenade of the city. And that is what it is: a promenade. In a lot of spanish speaking countries you can find a lot of ramblas in many cities. In first place they are build as a runway for people in the different neighbourhoods (Barrios). The best known Ramblas in Barcelona are: La Rambla (the big one), La Rambla del Raval, La Rambla de Catalunya and La Rambla de Poblenou.

‘The’ Rambla leads down from Plaça Catalunya to the port passing by the Monumento a Colón (the monument for Christopher Columbus). Inside Port Vell (the old port) it has recently been expanded by the Rambla del Mar. In general this is just a pedestrian bridge, which connects the city to a shopping center in the port. The bridge has to be opened frequently to let pass by boats who enter or leave the marina besides it.

What do you find at the Rambla? Loads of street performers (living monuments, live painters), restaurants, flower shops and everything that can increase a full-on tourists heartbeat. On top of that: the Rambla is one of the most dangerous spot for beeing pickpocketed in Europe.

Alongside the Rambla you can also find some attractions like the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Mercat de la Boqueria or Plaça Reial. Better do not go for that restaurants and bars at the Rambla – they are pure tourist traps. The price are not high, but astronomical! Also it is not a good place to have a coffee relaxed or enjoy your lunch.


Check out La Rambla – watch your things – and then take the Carrer de L’Hospital (nahe Liceo Metro) down to Rambla del Raval.There you can sit down more relaxed and the prices are not too extreme. Attention: at night the neighbourhood of Raval can be a little creepy – stay on bigger streets and do not go in dark alleys.

Pickpockets! A lot of them! All tricks, all classes. Europe’s hotspot.

Metro Metro L3, Drassanes, Liceo or Plaça Catalunya
Metro Metro L1, Plaça Catalunya
Bus 59, directly on the Rambla