City Beach Barceloneta

In the past the old neighbourhood of Barceloneta hosted the fishermen of the city – today it is mainly tourists, who like to stay close to the beach. The streets of it are narrow and the building fabric has a low standard, which is hardly reflected in the rental prices. Because of high crime level here you should take care at night.

The 1.100m long sandy beach is mainly attracting tourists. In summer there is almost no free spot to sit on. The concentration of street sellers (or better: beach sellers) is phenomenal. At least every 2 minutes you will be bothered in a loud and bugging way to buy anything you could buy from massages, beers to sun glasses. A chilly nap at the beach is not recommendable anyway: thieves are working accord and if you do not take care, you will find yourself walking to the police station in your swimming suit. Although the sand is soft and light, it is quite dirty and dusty. Also the sea here is – due to the industral harbour and the marine traffic – in substandard bathing quality.

All in all the city beach Barceloneta is only recommendable for those, who do not find the time to visit the nicer beaches in the south (e.g. Sitges, Castelldefels) or north (e.g. Ocata, Sant Pol de Mar) of Barcelona.

Metro Metro L4, Barceloneta and a walk over Passeig de Joan de Borbó to the beach
Bus 39, 57, 59, 157 to Passeig Maritim

Attention! At night Barceloneta turn a little creepy. At daytime take care of your things at the beach! Do not fall asleep. More information about security here.