Calafell Beach

It is a little trip of about 50 minutes with the train to the south, if you want to go to Calafell. You will find a 5km long sandy beach, which is similar to the one in Castelldefels.

The town around the train station (Segur de Calafell) mainly consists of residency houses, holiday flats and a beach promenade. There are not many shopping facilities (supermarkets etc.). A little marina resides in the center of the beach. Here it is quiet and relaxed – no disturbing beach sellers and the water is clean. Calafell has a small romanic castle on top of a hill where you can nicely see the landscape. Though it is quite a walk from the train station to that castle.

Train direction “Sant Vicenç” from stations Estación Franca, Passeig de Grácia and Estación de Sants (Renfe Rodalies R2 Sud).

Train timetable Renfe