Metro & Bus

Metro Barcelona

The metro is the fastest public transportation in the city and connects almost all neighbourhoods. Sometimes bothering are the opening hours, since it is already closed after 2am on fridays and only running all night on saturdays. The rest of the week it closes at 00.00 o’clock. After that you have to take the slow night bus or a cab.

Opening hours:
Mo – Thu, Su : 05.00 – 00.00 o’clock
Fr : 05.00 – 02.00 o’clock
Sa : all times

Map of metro lines as PDF

Barcelona Bus
Barcelona Bus


Where you can not go by metro, you can probably find a bus. I recognized also that going by bus is faster, if you need to change metro lines. The TMB fleet contains 108 different bus lines, which can be used also in combination with metro and tram. For those with internet connection on their iPhones: there is a great app for the bus stops.


  • Buy the T-10 ticket. It has (of course) 10 trips for all public transportation of the TMB and is much cheaper than the single ticket (Billet Senzil).
  • A single trip can combine metro, bus and tram.
  • After 75 minutes the ticket runs out, but Barcelona is not that large.