Internet and free WiFi

In all of the neighbourhoods you will find internet cafes, called Locoturio. These small shops are a relict from the pre-internet era and used to offer long distance telephone calls for good prices, which they actually still do. In addition they have computers with internet connection.

Cafés & Bars
A lot of the cafés and bars feature the ‘Free WiFi’ sticker. Even if there is none you should ask for it. Passwords are given by personal – “Tienen WiFi?” (“Do you have WiFi?” – pronounced: weefee).

Usually I would expect it as a standard in every city: Barcelona offers a free WiFi internet access! Everywhere you can see the blue ‘Barcelona WiFi’ symbols, you will be able to go online for free after accepting the terms & conditions through your browser.

All Barcelona WiFi-Spots are closing at 22 o’clock! (No joke!)

Attention iPhoneros: Deselect ‘Autologin’ in your WiFi options in ‘Barcelona WiFi’ profile. Otherwise it doesn’t work.